Quit Smoking Program

The Anne Penman Program utilizes the latest in laser technology along with client support and motivation to effectively terminate your addiction to smoking once and for all. A thorough and comprehensive program has been created and perfected by Anne Penman herself, with 13 years of experience in Europe and the USA successfully treating thousands of smokers. We believe our program is the quickest and most effective way to quit smoking for good.

Our laser treatment produces outstanding results. A majority of clients report a dramatic difference in terms of their physical addiction and dependency to nicotine after their primary laser session. Many cannot believe how different they feel in terms of their desire and cravings for a cigarette.

Aside from our laser treatment which helps alleviate the physical addiction, we also combine it with 4 other crucial elements needed to stop smoking.  They are...

As everyone reacts differently to stopping smoking, the program is tailored to each individual's needs. This means that regardless of how many you have smoked and for how long, the program can help you achieve your goal.

Fact: Carbon monoxide, tars and nicotine are the
three main components of tobacco.

Laser Treatment

Our laser treatment is not only safe and painless but also a great stress reduction technique on the body. It involves the application of a cold, soft laser beam that targets specific pressure points.

This will help stimulate the release of endorphins, our very own natural body chemical which helps with the relief of pain and stress. Studies have shown that nicotine releases endorphins to the smoker, which gives them a sense of relaxation. When a smoker tries to quit, it is that sudden drop in their own endorphin level that leads to severe withdrawal symptoms, cravings, irritability and stress. Our treatment increases the endorphin level and at the same time restores balance, therefore greatly either reducing or even completely eliminating the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. 

Fact: Nicotine is known to be the
addictive component in tobacco.


Guidance is based on the client-centered motivational model which focuses on self-belief and positive thinking. During the treatment we help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking.

Our smoking cessation technicians are trained personally by Anne Penman herself. The technician is going to be your team partner in your goal to quit smoking for good this time. We are proud of your decision to quit smoking and want to be here for you 100%. We do everything we can to be your support system and assist you in the ultimate goal of being completely successful.

Fact: Oxygen is reduced in your body when
carbon monoxide binds with red blood cells.


We will give you all the advice and tips necessary to make this time a successful experience. Your technician will make sure you leave our center feeling fully prepared to be a non smoker. We give you all of our recommendations based on previous success with clients.

We completely understand this is a big step that you are taking by making a committement to quit smoking. We truly do our best to make the transition to becoming a non-smoker as easy as possible for you. It is very important to follow the advice the technician gives to achieve true success.

Fact: Cigarette smoking actually
increases stress on the body.


Our center educates our clients on what exactly is a cigarette and what it does to our body. We give you a nicotine addiction test to understand your level of addiction plus a carbon monoxide test to measure the amount of poison currently in your lungs and blood stream. We monitor your success with this machine to use this as personal motivation and to track results.


Reasons to Stop

Treatment Details

The first thing you have to do is call us at (614) 777 - 2911 to schedule an appointment. This primary appointment will be your quit date. We recommend prior to the appointment that you dispose or hide all ashtrays in the house, clean the ash tray in the car, and throw away all cigarettes. You may have your last cigarette at the door of our building.

The Anne Penman Method includes 3 sessions of laser treatments and therapy.

The first treatment is one hour long. You will receive one on one consultation, a carbon monoxide test, the laser treatment and advice to keep you smoke free.

One session is all that is required to be able to become smoke free, however the first 5 days of quitting smoking are the most crucial. For that reason we recommend that you come back for a second session within 2 to 5 days of the primary visit. We like to make sure you are doing well and keep you focused on your goal of staying smoke free. You will receive another carbon monoxide test and laser treatment. We have seen greater success with clients who come back for a second treatment within a week of their primary session. Follow up sessions are approximately 25 minutes.

The third visit is created as a back up support session. It is there for you any time within a year from your first treatment . We have this session in place for you if in the future if you ever feel you need a little reinforcement to help keep you smoke free.




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